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Subject Control, Handcuffing and Baton Certification

- Legal authorities 

- Use of Force theory 

- Articulation principles and report writing concepts.

- Use of the flashlight

- Handcuffing 

- Subject control techniques

- Expandable baton use

- Scenario based training

Recognizing and Responding to Pre-Assault Indicators

- Recognize when a situation is escalating.

- Learn what body language to be aware of.

- Learn how to recognize when a subject has a weapon

- Learn about the red flags that are present pre-assault

Edged Weapons Awareness and Response

- Types of edged weapons threats

- Recognizing person armed with a weapon

- Responding to edged weapon attacks

First Aid, CPR, AED (Blended online and in-person)

- Standard first aid

- Emergency first aid

- CPR and AED

- Scenario based training.

Control the Bleed (Blended online and in-person)

- Tourniquet use

- Wound packing

- Scene safety principles

- Scenario based training

De-Escalation Training (Online and in-person options)

- Recognizing danger and threat cues

- De-escalation principles

- Disengagement techniques

- Scenario based training

Krav Maga VIP Protection Training

- Entering and leaving a location

- Covering and evacuating VIP

- Responding to empty hand threats

- Responding to weapon threats

PPCT Defensive Tactics

- Use of Force Human Factors

- Control Principles

- Tactical Handcuffing

- Escort Position and Joint Lock Control

- Pressure Point Control Tactics

- Defensive Counterstrikes

Krav Maga Civil Program

- Recognizing threats and learning about common objects.

- Protection techniques using empty hands

- Protection techniques using common objects

- Responding to attackers with weapons

- Learning to fall safely 

- Extensive scenario based training and stress testing.

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